Welcome to SNB Online - Tenant Application for Assistance
Are you involved in a tenancy dispute with your landlord? The preferred dispute resolution process typically involves dialogue first and for ongoing issues, a written complaint or notice to your landlord.

If these two steps have been carried out and have failed to solve the issue, then you may use this easy and convenient service to make an application for assistance to the Office of the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.

If you have documents to support your application, you may submit up to 5 attachments of 2 MB each in the following formats: Word, Excel, PDF (Adobe Acrobat), .bmp, .jpg, .tif or .gif, with your online application.

How to Apply Online: Step 1: Complete Application Form, Verify and Confirm – Complete, verify and confirm all required fields of the application form in order to proceed. If you wish, print a copy for your files using your browser’s print button.

Step 2: Click “Complete”

Step 3: An online confirmation of your sent application will appear on your screen. Be sure to keep a record of this.

You may cancel your application at any time during the process. You will simply be returned to this page.

Fields that are marked with a " * " represent mandatory information which must be provided to complete your application.

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