Forms, Information & Service Packages - Lost Wallet


Immediate Action Required:
1. Contact your local police to report the lost/stolen wallet.
2. Contact your financial institutions (banks, credit card companies, etc.) to report the lost bank and credit cards.  Also if you have any credit cards through retail companies, contact them as well.
Your driver's license and Photo Identification cards can be replaced immediately at you local Service New Brunswick office; you will be required to show two pieces of identification.


The following forms may be completed on-line and printed. Present or mail to your nearest Service New Brunswick location.
Replacement Cards:
Birth Certificate
Conservation Education Card (Send to address indicated on form)
Firearms Documentation (Send to address indicated on form)
Medicare Card  


Application for a Social Insurance Number 
Citizenship Certificate 
Helpful Hints
Old Age Security Card 
Permanent Residency Card
Public Library Card
SIN Card 
Status Card

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