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Communiqus and News

Latest Communiqués


Undertakings to pay real property taxes in arrears

Centralization of Land Registration Offices

Purchase price and the Affidavit of Value/Transfer

Transmission on Death Under the Land Titles Act

Land Registry Fee Changes
Transfers/Deeds and Sales Price

Exemptions-Conversion to Land Titles

Condominiums- Common elements
Administrative Consolidation Directive 3001-002

Life Estates and Land Titles

Optional and Restrictive Covenants in Land Titles

Latest News


Fee Amendments Notice

Change in hours of service

Birth Certificate Information for Land Titles Transactions

E-Submission of New Documents - Lawyers
E-Submission of a New Document - Financial Institutions

More Communiqués

Discharges of Mortgage Wrong PID

Parcel Annexation Protocol and Guidelines Fundamental Rule

Posted June, 2013
Information regarding the new e-documents

Posted May, 2013
Adjudication Process-Reminder

Posted April, 2013
Bankruptcy and Land Titles
PID Databank Exemptions Subsection 10.1(4)

Posted March, 2013
Subdivision Plans and Title Document References

Posted March, 2012
Discharges of Mortgage

Posted December, 2011
Right of Way / Easement

Posted June 24th, 2011
Interest Holder Names - per Regulation 2000-39 of Land Titles Act

Posted May 20th, 2011
Update - Registration of Land Titles and Registry System paper documents and plans

Posted March 31st, 2011
Registration of Judgments under the Registry Act

Posted September 2010
Original Wills

Posted May 2010
Seal requirement for Registry Act documents

Posted March 2010
Reminder - Birth Certificates

Posted December 2009
Transfer of Partial Interest

Posted July 2009
Variations in Transferors Names on Electronic Transfers
Parcel to be annexed – same owners

Posted June 2009
Directive 3900-001 –Reminder deceased joint tenant owner

Signature lines on Mortgagee’s Transfers submitted electronically

Posted February 2009
Collateral Mortgages that contain multi-pages covenants

Form 13 - Transfers


More News

Posted May, 2012
Real Property Tax Notification

Posted August, 2011
Searching Crown Grant Reference Maps

Posted July 4th, 2011
New Apparent Access Value for PID Databank

Posted June 13th, 2011
Land Titles Act Changes

Posted March 1st, 2011
Remote Registration now available for Registry System paper documents and plans

Posted February 9th, 2011
Notice regarding fee changes

Posted July 2010
Request for Certificate of Assessment

Posted April 2010
Remote Registration of Paper Documents and Plans
Fee Amendments (AFR)

Posted January 2010
Request for Birth Certificate

Posted May 2009
Registry System Original Documents

Posted July 2008
Corrections to the Title Register

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