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Overview - Electronic Submission - Land Registry

E-submission is the ability of the Land Titles System to react to and be updated by an electronic instrument in the same fashion as by traditional submission of paper instrument.

Only documents designated by regulation shall* be submitted to a land titles office for filing or registration in electronic format. Those documents are as follows:

  • Transfers
  • Mortgages
  • Collateral Mortgages
  • Discharges of Mortgage
  • Assignments of Mortgage
  • Assignments of Lease
  • Assignments of Charge
  • Other Assignments
  • Applications of Survivor(s)

The online tutorial for electronic submission is no longer available. For a copy of the cd that is replacing it, please contact

Tutorial documents on how to fill in new E-Submission Land Titles documents:

Application of Survivor(s)
Assignment of Mortgage (Financial Institutions)
Assignment of Mortgage (Lawyers)
Assignment of Lease
Assignment of Charge and Other Assignment

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