POPA Payment Taking For Overweight Fines

You will need a copy of your ticket and a valid credit card to complete your online payment. To make a payment, enter the required information below and click "Add to Basket".
  • Carefully check the Ticket Number you have entered below, if you enter an incorrect Ticket Number you may inadvertently pay someone else’s ticket and your ticket WILL proceed to court.
  • Please carefully check the date and amount of your ticket.
If your payment due date has lapsed, but your court date has not been reached, you must present your ticket in person at any Service New Brunswick office for possible payment.

If your payment due date has lapsed and your court date has passed, you must contact the Department of Public Safety at the following:

By mail:
Department of Public Safety
Outstanding Motor Vehicle Fines
364 Argyle Place
PO BOX 6000
Fredericton NB, E3B 5H1

Or toll free number: 1-877-850-5665

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