Extra-Provincial Corporation Annual Return - Fee Payment Only

Annual Return - Extra-Provincial Corporation - Business Corporations Act


Selecting this option will only pay the annual return filing fee of the corporation. This option will not bring the corporation up to date with its annual return obligations if one or more annual return forms have not been filed. In that case, you need to file the form and pay the filing fee by going to Annual Return – Extra-provincial corporation Form 33.1 and payment.

Business corporations registered as extra-provincial corporations under the Business Corporations Act are subject to that Act.

  • The Act requires that the extra-provincial corporation file each year an annual return and pay the filing fee prior to the end of the month following its anniversary month.
  • The anniversary month is the month the corporation was registered under the Business Corporations Act. Most extra-provincial corporations file the annual returns based on the month the corporation was registered under the Business Corporations Act.

    Alternatively, if the corporation has filed an “Election of Anniversary Month” under the Act, it may use its month of incorporation as its anniversary month for purpose of the annual return filing.

  • The failure to file the annual return or pay the annual return filing fee will lead to the possibility of cancellation of the registration pursuant to s. 201 of the Act.
  • Prior to completing the filing fee payment, you may wish to view the Corporate Affairs database at www.snb.ca. You will be able to confirm the proper name, corporation number, anniversary month and whether there are outstanding annual return forms to file and outstanding filing fees to pay.
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