Buy a certified copy of the notice of condominium directors

As per subsection 37(b) in Regulation 2009-169 of the Condominium Property Act C-16.05, upon payment of a fee, any person may purchase a certified copy of a notice of directors and notice of change of directors. The document is certified to be a true and correct copy of the filed document by the Director of Condominiums under the Condominium Property Act.

Please provide the full name of the condominium corporation that you want the copy on. As well, if known, provide the reference #.


  • For Corporations created before January 1, 2010 it would be "County name"+Condominium Corporation No. "Number" i.e. York County Condominium Corporation No. 12

  • For Corporations created since January 1, 2010 it would be Condominium Corporation No. + “Number” i.e. Condominium Corporation No. 123456.

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