Personal Property Registration and Information

A province-wide registry service where users can serve public notice of security interests, money judgements, and certain other claims affecting personal property (movable goods). Anyone can search the PPR for the existence of security interests against personal property in the province.

Users who require the service to register notices of security interests must apply for an account.

Clients have the option of accessing the PPR from any computer with Internet access, providing they have an account set up with ACOL. Kiosks are also available, for use by existing ACOL clients, at any Registry Office in New Brunswick. There are also service providers that register and search the PPR on behalf of clients for a fee.

Fees for the PPR are as follows:

1. New registration - base fee
(base fee does not include yearly fee)
$25.00 (One time only)
2. New registration or renewal - 1 to 25 years $9.00/Year
3. New Registration or renewal - infinity $500.00
4. Re-registration No Fee
5. Amendment $10.00/registration
6. Global change (affecting all registrations in one account) $500.00
7. Search $10.00/Search
8. Total Discharge No Fee
   PPR Fees are not subject to HST

Details for PPR related services may be obtained from:

Personal Property Registry

Tel: (506) 453-2703

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