Terms and Conditions of Use

The Control Survey database and the GPS observation files from the Active Control Stations are the sole property of the government of New Brunswick. The information is being provided on this site solely for the purpose of facilitating users with direct access to the New Brunswick Survey Control products.
New Brunswick Active Control Stations
The GPS RINEX 2 files available from the Active control Stations were not processed, treated or analyzed by Service New Brunswick to yield the ideal or the best post-processed solution. These files are provided "As-Is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.
Automated retrieval of differential corrections from the New Brunswick Active Control Stations observation files
  • When using automated scripts, similar to the ones available in the GPS Pathfinder Office software from Trimble or any other software, all the listed terms and conditions apply even if this screen is by-passed by the script.
  • Although Service New Brunswick has attempted to provide complete and continuous information on this site, Service New Brunswick does not warranty access or availability of all the observation files for a twenty-four (24) hour nor a seven (7) day period.
  • Notices will be posted if a station has a scheduled service period.
  • If a failure occurs due to hardware or any other technical problems, the files may be posted at a later time if available.

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