New Brunswick Control Network
  What is it?
Information related to the conventional control survey and GPS based infrastructures used to derive coordinates in New Brunswick.
  How is it accessed?
Access to both systems is a free of charge service offered by Service New Brunswick. Customer support can be contacted by calling 1-888-832-2762 (toll-free) during normal business hours or by email to
  What are the Minimum Browser Requirements?
Netscape or Internet Explorer, V4.0 or greater
  Frequently Asked Questions related to NB Survey Control

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1. NB Survey Control Database: Proceed to search
Information related to the traditional and High Precision Horizontal Reference Networks. more
2. New Brunswick Active Control Stations (NBACS): Proceed with a request
Observational GPS data consist of dual-frequency L1/L2 calibrated satellite code and carrier phase observations from continuous tracking of GPS satellites. more
3. https for specialized GPS post-processing software: Continue
If you have the capability of doing automated downloads of the GPS RINEX 2 files (Ex. Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office)
4. GeoNB Coordinate Transformation Service (CTS) is a web service replacing NB GeoCalc

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