Application for the Return of the Security Deposit

Do not apply for the return of your security deposit with this form before the end of your tenancy. However, if you and your landlord have reached an agreement regarding the refund of the security deposit, you can apply for the refund of your security deposit before the end of your tenancy by using the form entitled “Security Deposit Refund Agreement”, available in PDF format on this website.
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Section 1 - Tenant Identification
Tenancy Number  
Please note: if you provide the tenancy number, you do not need to complete the information in Sections 2 and 3. You can obtain your tenancy number on the top left corner of your copy of the Certificate of Deposit (receipt) issued by the Office of the Residential Tenancies Tribunal. Click on the question mark to see example of receipt. If you don’t know your tenancy number, please complete all sections of this form.
  Tenant First Name Tenant Last Name Title(Optional)
* hereby request the return of my security deposit in the amount of  $ 
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