Basic Emergency Management Course - Registration Form:
Course Fee - $50.00 CA
The Basic Emergency Management Course (BEM) is a distance-learning, CD-based, individual training (IT) course. It is structured to provide the participant with a broad-base of information from which to carry out planning and operations during emergencies. The theory of the planning process is introduced and operating procedures are applied to a spectrum of emergency management scenarios. The management, command, control, and coordination functions necessary to deal with emergencies are then examined using case studies at the municipal and regional levels. The BEM Course is a self-paced interactive study package, and students are required to complete a final exam on-line. Exams are graded and students receive results via email. This is an entry level course and is considered a prerequisite for more advanced emergency management training offered centrally by NB EMO, such as the Emergency Operation Centre Course (EOC).

In order to register for the self-study NB EMO BEM Course, individuals must complete the on-line form below and pay a ($50.00) course fee through the SNB web-site by using a credit-card or interac option. After payment is received, a student is provided an introduction letter from NB EMO, a CD-ROM, and a SNB access code. Students will receive individualized exam results no later than the Friday after they have completed their exam. Course certificates will be mailed to each student.

A NB EMO instructor is available to provide additional information on this course, as well as providing assistance to students during course conduct.

Instructor Assistance: call (506) 453-2133 or 1-800-561-4034

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