Small Business Grant Application Phase II

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Please Note
ONB reserves the right to request additional information as part of their due diligence to complete the evaluation of the application. Failure to provide this information may be grounds to terminate the application.

Attestation Section
  • The business is an ongoing, New Brunswick based entity operating in the Province of New Brunswick
  • The business is current withWorksafe NB, & Canada Revenue Agency
  • The sales drop of the business was related to the public health order (level change)
  • The business is open, or plans to reopen following the return to Yellow level
  • The business is not currently in the process of bankruptcy/insolvency proceedings or proposals
  • The business has no past defaults of amounts owed to the Government of New Brunswick
  • I/we acknowledge that amounts owing to the Province of New Brunswick, that are not current, will be deducted from the ONB approved funding, and remitted to the appropriate department to reduce and/or extinguish the debt. The remaining balance, if any, will be remitted to the business.
  • I/we consent to the verification of the information provided on this application, and on any documents attached, for the purpose of administering the grant program. This includes sharing this information with any and all departments of the Province of New Brunswick as identified by Finance and Treasury Board, and collecting information about the business from those departments. This will also serve as my/our consent under the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (S.N.B. 2009, c. R-10.6) for the collection, use and disclosure of personal for the purpose of administering the grant program.
  • By signing this application, I/we declare and certify that the information on this application, and in any documents attached, is correct and complete and I/we are authorized to act on behalf of the business. I/we acknowledge that any misrepresentation of information provided in this application may result in legal action including repayment of any grants.