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Spring Summer Fall Winter
U12 Tackle-$120
U14 Tackle-$120
U16 Tackle-$120
Western Valley-$30
Men's Tackle-$200
Women's Tackle-$180
Co-ed Flag-$30
Football Camp-$99
Bantam Tackle-$180
Middle Level Tackle-$180
Atom Tackle-$180
Squirt Flag-$120
Mite Flag-$120
Girls Tackle-$100
Western Valley-$80
Tiny Tykes-$60
No Programs at this time
Total Fees
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Lincoln Geary Woodstock Road Barkers Point
Southwood Park Silverwood New Maryland Nashwaaksis
Skyline Acres Burton Marysville Oromocto
City Centre Hanwell Road Devon Other:
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In the event of medical emergency and I am unavailable, I give my consent for whatever procedures are necessary by qualified medical staff. I understand that by the nature of the game of Football injuries may occur. I hereby agree not to hold C.A.M.F.A. and any of its officers or coaches responsible for the said injuries. I give permission to use photos of my child or their team on the C.A.M.F.A. website. I understand that no names will be published with pictures. I am aware that all teams are operated by C.A.M.F.A. and not by the schools that the children attend. I understand that C.A.M.F.A. assumes all liability and that the schools involvement is only promotional. I agree to abide by C.A.M.F.A's refund policy.

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