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What is the NB Survey Control network?

A Survey Control Network is a series of well-spaced and interconnected markers, also called monuments, with accurately determined positions. It enables surveyors and others to determine for any point, feature or structure a unique numerical address known as a coordinate. These markers are generally concrete structures set in the ground on which a brass plug is set with a specific centring mark.

With the rapidly emerging technology of the Global Positioning System (GPS), a GPS based ground network replaced the conventional terrestrial network. This GPS network also became the ground infrastructure behind a new reference system known as NAD83 (CSRS) and adopted through an amendment of the Surveys Act (S-17) April 1, 1999. It will be identified as the New Brunswick High Precision Network (NBHPN).

What is the New Brunswick Survey Control database?

A provincial database containing both historical and current textual or graphical information for every control point in both networks:

  • Conventional Network: NAD83 (CSRS) adjusted coordinates for approximately 26,000 monuments, historical coordinates (NAD27 and/or ATS77), 125 Index maps and location sketches to help find them on the ground.
  • High Precision Network: NAD83 (CSRS) coordinates with sketches, pictures, an interactive reference map to help locate these monuments.
What is the New Brunswick Active Control Stations (NBACS)?

A GPS based network where GPS observations are continuously being collected at different Active Control Stations (ACS) across the province.

  • Observational data consist of dual-frequency satellite code and carrier phase observations from continuous tracking of GPS satellites at 30-second intervals. Station files contain data collected both on an hourly basis and for a 24-hour period or daily files. Observations are available online for a period of six months in a RINEX format version 2 only.

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