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The following forms may be completed on-line and printed. Present or mail to your nearest Service New Brunswick location.

Annual Return Forms for Corporate Registry

Business Corporations Act

(Provincial Corporation)

Incorporation of a Business Corporation - Information

Dissolution of a Corporation - Information Revival of a Corporation - Information Application to Continue into the Business Corporation Act – Information Application to Continue out of the Business Corporation Act

Amalgamation of a Business Corporation

(Extra - Provincial Corporation)

Registration of an Extra - Provincial Corporation - Information

Exemption of Extra - Provincial Non-Profit Corporations - Information

Companies Act

Incorporation of Not-for-Profit Company - Information

Application for a Supplementary Letters Patent under the Companies Act

Application to Continue into the Companies Act
Application for Surrender of Charter Under the Companies Act
Revival of a Not-For-Profit Company

Partnerships and Business Names Registration Act

Registration of a Business Name - Information

Renewal of a Business Name – Information

Registration of a Partnership - Information

Renewal of a Partnership – Information

Designation of a Partnership as a Limited Liability Partnership - Information


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