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News and Notices - Land Registry

Parcel to be annexed – same owners

When parcels with the same owners are going to be reconfigured to create a new parcel or parcels, Scenario 7 of the “Guideline for Parcel Annexation in New Brunswick” should be followed and accordingly, since the owners of the amalgamated lot are the same, no accompanying deeds/transfers are required to facilitate the registration of the new plan. The link to these guidelines is the following:

However, if plans are prepared where a unique parcel (i.e. Parcel “A”) is to be annexed to another, to form one consolidated lot, Registry Office staff will be applying subsection 50(8) of the Registry Act and/or the provisions of the Land Titles Act to require that the plan is accompanied by an instrument which conveys the parcel so created to the owner of the adjoining parcel as shown on the plan.

Please note that any plan that creates a parcel (i.e. Parcel “A”) to be annexed to an adjoining parcel will have to be accompanied by an instrument that conveys the parcel to the adjoining owner, whether the owners of the parcel to be annexed are the same as the owners of the adjoining parcels or not. This requirement will apply whether the parcel in question is registered under the Land Titles Act or under the Registry Act .

Thank you for you attention and cooperation.

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