Frequently Requested Forms
The following forms may be completed on-line and printed. Present or mail to your nearest Service New Brunswick location.
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  Dept Home Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Farm Business Registration - apply online     N/A N/A N/A
  Farm Business Registration - printable form     CSS-FOL-SNB-FA-01-E 82KB 10/11
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  Dept Home Attorney General
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Queen's Printer          
  Order Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0023B 54 N/A
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  Dept Home Education and Early Childhood Development
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  A - Application for Initial Teacher’s Certification with pedagogical training obtained in New Brunswick     CSS-FOL-19-005E.pdf 140 11/09
  B - Application for InterimTeacher’s Certification with pedagogical training obtained outside of New Brunswick     CSS-FOL-19-002E.pdf 2402 11/09
  C - Application for Interim Certificate Renewal / Conversion     CSS-FOL-19-006E.pdf 102 11/09
  D - Application for a Letter / Statement of Professional Standing     CSS-FOL-19-004E.pdf 88 11/09
  E - Application for Evaluation of Work Experience for Salary Purposes     CSS-FOL-19-003E.pdf 103 11/09
  F - Application for Principal's Certificate     CSS-FOL-19-008E.pdf 94 05/09
  G - Certificate 5 Course Approval Form     CSS-FOL-19-009E.pdf 88 11/09
  H - Certificate 6 Course Approval Form     CSS-FOL-19-001E.pdf 102 11/09
  I - Application for Upgrading Teacher Certification Level     CSS-FOL-19-007E.pdf 102 11/09
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  Dept Home Elections
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  List of Electors          
  Application for Addition to List of Electors   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-C05801B 24 10/09
  Municipal and District Education Council Elections          
  Application for a Special Ballot     CSS-FOL-SNB-M06101B 37KB 04/11
  Appointment of Candidate Representative     CSS-FOL-SNB-M04201E 21 04/11
  Nomination Paper - District Education Council Election   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-M04011E 36 11/13
  Nomination Paper - Municipal and Rural Community Elections   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-M04001E 42 11/13
  Nomination Paper - Regional Health Authority Election   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-M04021E 57 2014-05-05
  Provincial Elections          
  Application for a Special Ballot - Provincial Elections     CSS-FOL-SNB-P06101B 25 08/13
  Appointment of Candidate’s Representative – Provincial Elections   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-P04201E 31 02/11
  Nomination Paper - Provincial Elections   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-P04001B 112 2015-03-31
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  Dept Home Energy and Mines
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Form 18 - Notice of Planned Work on Private Land     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0009E 34KB 06/08
  Form 18.1 - Notice of Planned Work on Crown Lands     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0008E 41KB 06/08
  Quarry Application LG     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0029B 78 02/07
  Quarry Application LG     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0029B 555 02/13
  Petroleum & Bituminous Shale          
  Geophysical Exploration          
  Application for a Geophysical Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0015E 284KB 02/07
  Application for a Geophysical Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0017E 256KB 02/07
  Application for Renewal of a Geophysical Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0012E 284KB 02/07
  Application to Renew a Geophysical Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0016E 294KB 02/07
  Form 1 Final Report     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0021E 260KB 02/07
  Well Drilling          
  Application for a Well Authorization     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0019E 329KB 02/07
  Application to Amend a Well Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0013E 295KB 02/07
  Drill Core and Well Cuttings Submission Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0031E 40KB 02/07
  Drilling Program     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0020E 347KB 02/07
  Transfer of Well Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0024E 256KB 02/07
  Well Application to: Suspend Drilling; Resume Drilling; Recondition; Plug Back; Suspend Production; Abandon.     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0025E 311KB 02/07
  Well/Geological Report Checklist     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0026E 418KB 02/07
  Application for a Licence to Search/Lease Transfer     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0023E 269KB 02/07
  Application for a Licence to Search/LeaseTenure     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0018E 262KB 02/07
  Application for Redistribution of Expenditures     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0050E 30 09/12
  Application to Convert a Licence to Search to a Lease     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0014E 36KB 02/07
  Bituminous Shale Licence to Search     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0002E 37KB 02/07
  Report of Activities/Progress Report/Other Checklist     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0011E 367KB 02/07
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  Dept Home Environment and Local Government
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Application for Pesticide Approval   Information CSS-FOL-39-0010B 356 04/2012
  Application for Property Based Environmental Information   Information CSS-FOL-39-0009E 36 04/2012
  Permit Application Form - Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation     CSS-FOL-39-0015B 981 01/13
  Pesticide Applicator Certification Application   Information CSS-FOL-39-1000B 45 04/2012
  Provisional Landscape Pesticide Approval Application     CSS-FOL-39-1001B 67KB 10/06
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  Dept Home Finance
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Gasoline and Motive Fuel Tax          
  Application for an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Licence Package Information CSS-FOL-GMF-18IFTAE 169 02/12
  Application for Gasoline & Motive Fuel Retailer's Licence Package Information CSS-FOL-GMF-TTA-06E 97 04/14
  Application for Gasoline and Motive Fuel Wholesaler's Licence   Information CSS-FOL-GMF-20E 269 10/02
  Application for Refund of Gasoline and Motive Fuel Tax - Aquaculturist, Fisher, Silviculturist, Wood Producer, Forest Worker, Manufacturer, Mining/Quarrying   Information CSS-FOL-GMF-36E 438 01/13
  Application for Refund of Gasoline and Motive Fuel Tax - Aviation Fuel for International Commercial Flights   Information CSS-FOL-GMF-30E 190 01/13
  Application for Refund of Gasoline and Motive Fuel Tax - Bad Debts, Specific to Wholesalers   Information CSS-FOL-GMF-29E 89 08/05
  Application for Refund of Gasoline and Motive Fuel Tax - Change of Use   Information CSS-FOL-GMF-27E 111 08/05
  Application for Refund of Gasoline and Motive Fuel Tax - Other Overpayments of Tax   Information CSS-FOL-GMF-31E 277 01/13
  Application for Refund of Gasoline and Motive Fuel Tax - Spills, Fire, Theft, Wholesalers / Retailers   Information CSS-FOL-GMF-28E 211 01/13
  Farmer Gasoline and Motive Fuel Refund Application     CSS-FOL-GMF-37E 107 01/13
  Farmer Purchaser’s Permit Annual Report     CSS-FOL-SNB-25-0005E 72KB 09/12
  Farmer Purchaser’s Permit Application / Farm Business Registration Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-25-0003E 114 09/12
  Purchaser’s Permit Application – Aquaculturist     CSS-FOL-GMF-35dE 552 10/13
  Purchaser’s Permit Application – Fisher     CSS-FOL-GMF-35aE 553 10/13
  Purchaser’s Permit Application – Forest Worker Package   CSS-FOL-GMF-35gE 520 10/13
  Purchaser’s Permit Application – Manufacturer Package   CSS-FOL-GMF-35eE 564 10/13
  Purchaser’s Permit Application – Mining and Quarrying Package   CSS-FOL-GMF-35fE 524 10/13
  Purchaser’s Permit Application – Silviculturist Package   CSS-FOL-GMF-35cE 532 10/13
  Purchaser’s Permit Application – Wood Producer     CSS-FOL-GMF-35bE 544 10-13
  Harmonized Sales Tax          
  Application for Refund - Harmonized Sales Tax   Information CSS-FOL-HST-R-02B 37 08/13
  Home Energy Assistance Program          
  Application / Declaration for Home Energy Assistance Program 2015     CSS-FOL-HEA_05E 724 01/15
  Low Income Seniors Rebate          
  Application/Declaration for Low-Income Seniors’ Benefit     CSS-FOL-BEN_06E 600 04/14
  Multiple Sclerosis Assistance Program          
  Application/Declaration for Multiple Sclerosis Assistance Program     CSS-FOL-SNB-25-0002E 82 03/13
  Pari-Mutuel Tax          
  Application for Registration Certificate - Pari-Mutuel Tax   Information CSS-FOL-PMT-01E 49 02/12
  Provincial Vehicle tax          
  Application for Refund - Provincial Vehicle Tax     CSS-FOL-PVT-R-01B 284 08/13
  Appraisal Record - Motor Vehicles, Boats, Recreation Vehicles, and Aircraft     CSS-FOL-PVT_02E 465 10/07
  Self-Assessment Declaration/Tangible Personal Property Tax/Boat Tax     CSS-FOL-PVT_16B 690 10/14
  Real Property Tax          
  Application for Adjustment of Tax where Real Property is Damaged or Destroyed     CSS-FOL-PTX_02B 178 10/02
  Application for Property Tax Deferral Program for Seniors     CSS-FOL-SNB-PTX-01E 763 01/15
  Property Tax Equalized Payment Plan EPP     CSS-FOL-SNB-25-0004E 59 10/12
  Property Tax Refund/Transfer   Information CSS-FOL-PTX_01B 994 11/13
  Small Business Investor Tax Credit          
  Annual Return     CSS-FOL-25-SBITC-06 45 01/14
  Appendix A     CSS-FOL-25-SBI-01-A-E 70 02/14
  Application for an Investor Tax Credit Certificate     CSS-FOL-25-SBI-05E 60 01/14
  Corporation Application for Registration     CSS-FOL-25-SBI-01E 120 01/14
  Corporation Director's Statement     CSS-FOL-25-SBI-03 50 02/14
  Corporation or Trust Investor Statement     CSS-FOL-25-SBI-C-04E 50 01/14
  Individual Investor Statement     CSS-FOL-25-SBI-04 50 01/14
  Schedule 1     CSS-FOL-25-SBI-02 50 01/14
  Tobacco Tax          
  Application for a Tobacco Retailer's Licence Package   CSS-FOL-GMF-TTA-06E 313 03/13
  Application for a Tobacco Wholesaler's licence Package   CSS-FOL-TTA-04E 180 03/13
  Application for Refund of Tobacco tax     CSS-FOL-TTA-06_E 644 03/13
  Tuition Rebate          
  Direct Deposit Service Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB_DD-01_E 54 02/12
  New Brunswick Tuition Rebate - Application Form
Guide to Completing the New Brunswick Tuition Rebate Application
  Information CSS-FOL-SNB_NBTR-01_E 820 03/15
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  Dept Home Financial and Consumer Services Commission
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Consumer Affairs Division          
  Application for Appointment asCommissioner of Oaths    
  Application for Salesman's License    
  Renewal Application for Salesman'sLicense    
  Financial Institutions Division          
  Cooperative Association Forms     N/A N/A N/A
  Credit Union Forms     N/A N/A N/A
  Terrorism Reporting Forms     N/A N/A N/A
  Trust Company Forms     N/A N/A N/A
  Pensions and Insurance Division          
  Insurance Forms     N/A N/A N/A
  Pensions Forms & Instructions    
  Securities Division          
  Securities Rules and Regulations    
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  Dept Home Health
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Application For An On-Site Sewage Disposal System Licence     CSS-FOL-35-1630E 375 06/12
  Application for food premises licence
Application Guide - Food Premises Licence
Package Information CSS-FOL-35-1762B 222 04/13
  Application for Registration - Medicare Package Information CSS-FOL-35-5012E 147 05/01
  Application for Reimbursement - Medicare   Information CSS-FOL-35-3431E 28 05/12
  Application to Install an On-Site Sewage Disposal System     CSS-FOL-35-1631E 832 03/12
  Medicare Change Request, Replacement and/or Renewal Form Package Information CSS-FOL-35-5210E 306 01/03
  Re-Inspection Fee For On-Site Sewage Disposal System Inspection     CSS-FOL-35-1632B 35 04/09
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  Dept Home Healthy and Inclusive Communities
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Funding Model I Assessment Form     CSS-FOL-19-0020E 1300 02/14
  Go NB Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0084E 604 01/14
  GO NB REPORT FORM     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0085E 600
  Grant to promote Healthy Foods in Recreation Facilities     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0087E 856
  NB Combat Sport Commission - Code of Conduct     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0088E 48
  New Brunswick Athlete Assistance Program     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0086E 712
  P-CEP for New Brunswick Application & Assessment Process     CSS-FOL-19-0027E 413 kb 07/11
  Sport and Recreation Branch Funding Model – Assessment Forms 2015-2016     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0091E 796 02/15
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  Dept Home Intergovernmental Affairs
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Order of New Brunswick -Nomination Form   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-38-0001E 91 N/A
  Program for the Provision of Official-Language Services (POLS)     CSS-FOL-SNB-38-0003E 174 03/12
  Support for translation and Interpretation Program - Canada-New Brunswick Agreement on the Provision of French-Language Services     CSS-FOL-SNB-38-0004E 81 04/10
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  Dept Home Justice and Attorney General
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Court Services - Transcript Order Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0100B 154 01/04
  Divorce Fees/Faxes/Copies Package   CSS-FOL-SNB-45-3804B 84 02/13
  Justice - Interjurisdictional Support Orders (ISO)     N/A N/A
  Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick          
  Court-Ordered Evaluations Support Program - Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0167E 156 03/10
  Form 18A – Acknowledgement of receipt card (Divorce Petition)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0142AE 59 KB 05-11
  Form 18A – Acknowledgement of receipt card (Notice of Application)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0142BE 24KB 05/11
  Form 18A – Acknowledgement of receipt card (Notice of Motion – Divorce)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0142CE 22 05/11
  Form 18A – Acknowledgement of receipt card (Notice of Motion – FSA)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0142DE 21 05/11
  Form 18B – Affidavit of service – Personal Service (Divorce)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0143CE 68 KB 05/11
  Form 18B – Affidavit of service – Personal Service (FSA)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0143DE 60 KB
  Form 18B – Affidavit of service – Registered Mail (Divorce)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0143AE 23 05/11
  Form 18B – Affidavit of service – Registered Mail (FSA)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0143BE 71 KB 05/11
  Form 25A - Notice of Discontinuance     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0145E 22 03/10
  Form 37A - Notice of Motion (Application)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0146E 44 06/11
  Form 37A - Notice of Motion (Divorce)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0174E 34KB 06/11
  Form 47B - Certificate of Readiness (Divorce - Sole Petitioner)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0147E 20 03/10
  Form 47B - Certificate of Readiness (Application)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0171E 76 09/10
  Form 47B - Certificate of Readiness (Divorce - Joint Petitioners)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0148E 56 03/10
  Form 47B Certificate of Readiness (Divorce - Hearing).pdf     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0173E 56.9K 06-11
  Form 55A - Summons to Witness     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0149E 40 03/10
  Form 72A - Petition for Divorce     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0150E 199 03/10
  Form 72B Joint Petition for Divorce     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0151E 83 03/10
  Form 72C - Notice of Petition for Divorce     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0152E 20 03/10
  Form 72D - Answer     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0153E 25 03/10
  Form 72E - Reply     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0154E 60 03/10
  Form 72F - Answer and Counter-Petition     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0155E 89 03/10
  Form 72G - Answer to Counter-Petition     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0156E 18 03/10
  Form 72H - Reply to Answer to Counter-Petition     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0157E 15 03/10
  Form 72I - Notice of Intent to Defend     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0144E 14 03/10
  FORM 72J - FINANCIAL STATEMENT     Form_72J_fillable_EN 464 KB 05-11
  Form 72K - Request for Divorce     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0158E 22 03/10
  Form 72L - Agreement not to Appeal     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0159E 20 03/10
  Form 72U - Notice of Motion (Divorce)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0160E 60 03/10
  Form 72U - Notice of Motion (FSA)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0260E 139KB 06/11
  Form 73A - Notice of Application     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0161E 43 03/10
  Form 73AA - Notice of Application     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0169E 55KB 07/10
  Notice of Intention to Act in Person     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0166E 19 03/10
  Form 01 - Claim     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9001B 580
  Form 02 - Response     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9002B 708
  Form 03 - Third Party Claim     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9003B 700
  Form 04 - Third Party Response     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9004B 684
  Form 05A - Notice of Withdrawal by Claimant     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9005AB 492
  Form 05B - Notice of Withdrawal by Defendant     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9005BB 588
  Form 06 - Request for Judgment     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9006B 584
  Form 08 - Affidavit to Set Aside Default Judgment or Interim Judgment     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9008E 596
  Form 10 - Payment Agreement     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9010B 532
  Form 12 - Summons to Witness     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9012B 572
  Form 13 - Settlement Agreement     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9013B 548
  Form 15 - Affidavit to Set Aside a Judgment after a Hearing     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9015E 568
  Form 16 - Request for Appeal by Way of a New Hearing     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9016B 496
  Form 17 - Notice of Appeal by Application     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9017B 516
  Form 18 - Request for Leave to Appeal     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9018B 584
  Form 19 - Notice of Appeal     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9019B 548
  Form 20 - Affidavit of Service     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9020E 516
  Form 21 - Consent to Act as Litigation Guardian     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9021B 580
  Form 22 - Application to Transfer Small Claim to the Court of Queen’s Bench     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9022B 552
  Form 23 - Application for Order by Small Claims Court     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9023B 628
  Form 26A - Memorandum of Satisfaction of Judgment     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9026AB 536
  The Family Support Orders Service          
  Application to Withdraw from FSOS     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0176E 77 08/11
  Direct Deposit Service     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0172E 87KB 05/11
  Notice Not to File Support Order     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0177E 42 08/11
  Notice of Arrangement with Income Source     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-9027E 496
  Notice to File Support Order     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0175E 97.5 KB 07/11
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  Dept Home Natural Resources
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Crown Lands - Application Packages          
  Acquiring Crown Lands     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0037B_E 338 04/13
  Camp Lot Lease     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0035B_E 135 04/13
  Coastal Land Use Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0037_E 50 04/13
  Crown Land Lease     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0036B_E 967 04/13
  Crown Land Lease Wind Farm     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0045_E 943 04/13
  Crown Reserved Road     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0041_E 846 04/13
  Crown Waterfront Reserve     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0042_E 858 04/13
  Easement     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0038_E 841 04/13
  Firing Range     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0039_E 1020 04/13
  Land Exchange     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0040_E 876 04/13
  Licence of Occupation     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0043_E 1120 04/13
  Licence of Occupation For Wind Exploration     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0044_E 871 01-11
  Maple Sugary Expansion     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0046_E 759 02/11
  Protected Natural Areas     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0049E 155 03/12
  Fish & Wildlife          
  Application for a Disabled Hunter Card Package   CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0001E 85KB 08/10
  Application for Conservation Education Replacement Card     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0046B 88 09/12
  Application for Replacement of a Guide Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-6362B 56 11/12
  Guide I - Professional Guide Licence Renewal Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-6364E 66 12/12
  Guide II - Licence to Accompany Renewal Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-6366E 40 11/12
  Non-resident Black Bear Licence Allocation - Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-6410E 67 01/12
  Non-resident Black Bear Licence Allocation - Change Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-6412E 44 01/12
  Non-Resident Guide Exemption Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-6392E 134 02/11
  Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (NWCO) Course Registration Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0401E 117KB 01/12
  Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (NWCO) Renewal Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-6390E 70KB 08/10
  Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Report Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0402E 140KB 08/10
  Application To Examine For Scaler Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0006B 82 12/11
  Application to Examine for Scaler License Renewal     CSS-FOL-SNB-60-0005B 77KB 11/11
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  Dept Home Post Secondary Education Training and Labour
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  (SEED) - Cash Flow Forecast     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0014E 592 10/12
  (SEED) - Coop Work Term - Employer Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0015E 835 10/12
  (SEED) Application Form for Employers (Part 1)     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0013E 864 08/12
  (SEED) Employer Work Order Form (Part 2)     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0016E 829 10/12
  (SEED) Student Entrepreneurship Component - Application Form For Student     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0012 869 10/12
  Adult High School Diploma Application Form     CSS-FOL-61-6187-01E 60 05/08
  Application for Authorization to Employ a Child under the Age of 16 Years     CSS-FOL-61-6264-03B 49 07/06
  Application form for Expedited Arbitration     CSS-FOL-61-6264-02E 164 11/07
  Application to Investigate an Alleged Violation     CSS-FOL-AOC-006B 53 05/11
  Apprenticeship and Certification - Affidavit
Instructions for filling out the form
    CSS-FOL-TEDAAC-003B 136 08/12
  Apprenticeship and Certification - Application for a Certificate of Qualification or Letter of Authenticity
Instructions for filling out the form
    CSS-FOL-TEDAAC-005B 265 08/12
  Apprenticeship and Certification - Consent to Disclose Information
Instructions for filling out the form
    CSS-FOL-TEDAAC-001B 95 08/12
  Apprenticeship and Certification - Request for Information
Instructions for filling out the form
    CSS-FOL-TEDAAC-004B 224 08/12
  Apprenticeship and Certification - Request for Replacement of Identification Cards
Instructions for filling out the form
    CSS-FOL-TEDAAC-002B 116 08/12
  Complaint Form     CSS-FOL-61-6264-04E 588 01/15
  Examination Registration Form – Pesticide Applicator     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0003E 60 06/13
  Foreign Qualification Recognition Funding Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0010E 86 09/12
  GED Application Form     CSS-FOL-61-6187-03E 111 02/11
  GED Transcript and/or Diploma Request     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0008E 63 10/10
  Language Evaluation Form     CSS-FOL-61-6187-02B 51 03/12
  Multicultural Grants Program - Application Form     CSS-FOL-PGS-003-E 78 09/12
  NB Community College Application for Admission Package   CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0001 221 08/12
  NB Community College Online Admission Application Package   N/A N/A N/A
  New Brunswick College of Craft and Design- Application     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0011E 149 08/12
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Accumulation of Assets Statement     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-008E 133KB 11/11
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Business Plan     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-010E 116KB 11/11
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Business Trip Report     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-009E 85KB 11/11
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Consent Form for Business Applicants     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-013E 120
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Consent Form for Business Applicants (Farsi)     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-017B 224
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Consent Form for Business Applicants (Korean)     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-014B 208
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Consent Form for Business Applicants (Mandarin)     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-015B 432
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Consent Form for Business Applicants (Vietnamese)     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-016B 180
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Consent Form for Skilled Worker Applicants     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-012E 84
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Declaration of Commitment     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-001E 49KB 11/11
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Fee Payment – Business Plan Applicants     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-011BPE 35 04/12
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Payment Form – Skilled Workers     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-011SWE 32 04/12
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Personal Net Worth Statement     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-007E 119KB 11/11
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Skilled Worker - Employer Support Form     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-004E 114KB 11/11
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Skilled Worker – Family Support Form     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-005E 85KB 11/11
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - Skilled Worker Information Form     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-003E 152KB 11/11
  New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program – Request a Business Trip to New Brunswick     CSS-FOL-NBPNP-018E 728
  Provincial examination Registration Form - Challenge     CSS-FOL-61-6187-04E 110 09/09
  Registration Form - Fundamental Insurance Exam     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0004E 68 05/08
  Request for Appointment of Conciliation Officer     CSS-FOL-61-6264-03E 99 11/07
  Request for Grievance Mediation     CSS-FOL-61-6264-01E 37 11/07
  Settlement Program Funding - Application Form     CSS-FOL-PGS-002-E.pdf 91 09/12
  Training and Employment Support Services Application Form
Data Dictionary
    CSS-FOL-61-6278E 648
  Work Ability Inventory Registration Form     CSS-FOL-61-6277-04E 86 04/08
  Workforce Expansion - Self-Employment Benefit Application Form
Guide for Applicant - Workforce Expansion Program - Self-Employment Benefit
    CSS-FOL-61-6277-06E 228 09/12
  Workforce Expansion Employer Wage Subsidy Application     CSS-FOL-61-6277-05E 130 03/09
  Labour and Employment          
  Industrial Relations Act - Forms     N/A N/A N/A
  Private Occupational Training          
  Application for Registration of a Private Occupational Training Organization     CSS-FOL-61-6295-01B
  POTA - Application for Registration of a Teacher-Instructor     CSS-FOL-61-6295-02B 230 05/09
  POTA - Application for Registration of an Agent-Representative-Salesperson     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-004B 40 03/12
  POTA - Contract between Student and Private Occupational Training Organization     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0001B 233 10/02
  POTA - Student List and Remittance of Student Protection Fee     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0002B 252 10/11
  POTA - Surety Bond - Private Occupational Training Act     CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0003B 112 05/07
  Student Financial Services          
  On-line PDF Forms     N/A N/A N/A
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  Dept Home Public Safety
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Application for Exemption from Registration as a Non-Gaming Supplier     CSS-FOL-78-9728E 81 08/09
  Gaming Assistant     CSS-FOL-78-9726E 154 07/09
  Gaming Supplier     CSS-FOL-78-9642 112 01/10
  Personal Disclosure Form     CSS-FOL-78-9684E 147 06/09
  Shareholder Disclosure Form     CSS-FOL-78-9740E 75 12/09
  Charitable Gaming          
  Application for Charitable Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament
Terms and Conditions for Charitable Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments
    CSS-FOL-78-9630E 48 08/10
  Application for Lottery Permit or Licence     CSS-FOL-78-9258E 98 01/11
  Bingo Financial Report
Bingo Financial Guidelines
    CSS-FOL-78-9545E 508
  Charitable Gaming Supplier Application     CSS-FOL-78-9450B 516 02/15
  Raffle Financial Report
Raffle Financial Guidelines
    CSS-FOL-78-9544E 508
  Coroner Services          
  Request For Documents     CSS-FOL-78-4043B 65 08/12
  Private Investigators and Security Services          
  Application for an Agency Licence
Information on Applications under the Private Investigators and Security Services Act
    CSS-FOL-78-3236E 56 01/10
  Application for an Agent Licence     CSS-FOL-78-3235E 88 01/10
  Application for Guard Dog Permit     CSS-FOL-78-9576B 45 01/10
  Public Safety - Dealer          
  Application for Motor Vehicle Services Licence     CSS-FOL-78-4188E 139 09/12
  Application Requirements For Vehicle Dealer Licence(s)     CSS-FOL-78-9426E 18 01/12
  Bond of a Guarantee Company     CSS-FOL-78-9940B.pdf 29 06/11
  Procedure and Requirements for Licensing of an Official Vehicle Inspection Station     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-9424B 77 09/12
  Repair, Service and Inspection Contract     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-9356B 35 03/08
  Public Safety - Driver Licensing          
  Application for Administrative Suspension Review     CSS-FOL-78-9650B 56KB 06/09
  Application for Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program     CSS-FOL-78-9680B 84 10/12
  Application for Change of Name Package   CSS-FOL-40-3705B 27 03/12
  Application for Exemption from Night time Driving Restrictions     CSS-FOL-78-9801E 83KB 5/09
  Application for Restoration of Driving Privileges Package   CSS-FOL-78-9290B 55K 02/09
  Application to Exit the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program     CSS-FOL-78-9678B 96KB 12/08
  Declaration from a Guarantor     CSS-FOL-78-9957B 126 04/13
  Declaration from a Guarantor     CSS-FOL-78-9957B 129 04/13
  Medical Fitness Report Package   CSS-FOL-78-9282B 130 03/07
  Public Safety - Motor Vehicle          
  A - Flat Bed Tow Truck Affidavit     CSS-FOL-78-9761B 78KB 06/11
  A - Forklift, Skid Steer & Sidewalk Snow Removal Vehicle Affidavit     CSS-FOL-78-9956B 108 03/12
  A - M plate application     CSS-FOL-78-9760B 582 03/12
  Application for Accreditation - Recreational - Use Closed Course
Off-road Closed Course Application Process: Crown Lands, Managed Trails, Private Lands
    CSS-FOL-78-9700B 85KB 04/09
  Application for Personalized or Reserved Plates     CSS-FOL-78-9292B 37 06/11
  Application for Refund of Motor Vehicle or All-Terrain Vehicle Fees     CSS-FOL-78-9294B 49 04/12
  Application for Vehicle Registration     CSS-FOL-78-9291B 51 02/12
  Application to Register Commercial Vehicle Having Gross Vehicle Mass of 4,500 KG or More     CSS-FOL-40-2944B 48Kb
  Bill of Sale Template     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0047E 18 03/12
  Consent Form - Protection of Personal Information Act     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0002B 104 N/A
  International Registration Plan - Carrier Application Package   CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0004E 626 07/11
  International Registration Plan - Vehicle Information Package   CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0003E 760 07/11
  Off-Road Vehicle Instructor Registration Form     CSS-FOL-78-9486E 156 09/03
  Parking Permit and Placard for Persons Having a Disability - Application form Package   CSS-FOL-78-9300B 106 03/07
  Personalized Seasonal Plate Application     CSS-FOL-78-9722B 35KB 06/11
  Registration Affidavit (Applicant)     CSS-FOL-78-9566E 36 02/06
  Registration Affidavit (Family)     CSS-FOL-78-9580E 57 02/06
  Registration Affidavit (lost registration)     CSS-FOL-40-2918B 111 3/00
  Remittance of Permit Fees and Voluntary Penalties     CSS-FOL-78-9372B 357 05/02
  Request for Access to Personal Information     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0001B 96 02/2011
  Seller's Affidavit     CSS-FOL-78-9295B 58 03/12
  Single Seasonal Plate Application     CSS-FOL-78-9724B 26 02/10
  Veteran Vehicle Registration Plate Application   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0008E 103 02/15
  Regulatory Services - Film/Video          
  Licensing Application Form - NB Film Exchange     CSS-FOL-78-9277B 514 09/13
  Licensing Application Form - Video Distributor     CSS-FOL-78-9279B 1270 09/13
  Licensing Application Form - Video Exchange     CSS-FOL-78-9280B 654 09/13
  Regulatory Services - Liquor          
  Application for Forces Canteen Licence Package   CSS-FOL-78-9284B 46 02/13
  Entertainment Licence Application Package   CSS-FOL-78-9271B 49KB 03/11
  Licensing Application Form - Special Event
Special Events Information
Package   CSS-FOL-78-9264B 937 09/13
  Licensing Registration Form - Permanent Liquor Establishment Package   CSS-FOL-78-9262B 540 07/14
  Manager's Personal History Report Package   CSS-FOL-78-9448B 57KB 03/11
  Manufacturer of Alcoholic Products Application Package   CSS-FOL-78-9257B 233 03/11
  Personal History Report Package   CSS-FOL-78-9278B 58KB 03/11
  Renewal of Club Licence     CSS-FOL-78-9254B 42 02/13
  Renewal of Licence to Manufature Alcoholic Products     CSS-FOL-78-9560B 40 02/13
  Renewal of Licence to Sell Liquor     CSS-FOL-78-9256B 43 02/13
  Renewal of Sacramental Wine Vendors Licence     CSS-FOL-78-9584B 40 02/13
  Renewal of UVin/Ubrew Licence     CSS-FOL-78-9936B 40 02/13
  Special Occasion Permit Application
Information Guide for Special Occasion Permits
Package   CSS-FOL-78-9266B 512 09/13
  Special Permit Application     CSS-FOL-78-9267E 500 10/13
  Special Permit Application – Food Preparation Package   CSS-FOL-78-9954E 506 09/13
  UVin/UBrew Licence Application     CSS-FOL-78-9762B 437KB 06/10
  Wine Serving Licence Application Package   CSS-FOL-78-9261B 242 03/11
  Salvage Dealers          
  Application for Salvage Dealer’s Licence
Application and Information Guide for Licences issued under the Salvage Dealers Licensing Act
    CSS-FOL-78-9596B 497 09/13
  Technical Inspection Services          
  Application for Boiler / Pressure Vessel Installation Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0017E 476 01/04
  Application for Compressed Gas Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0010E 85 08/12
  Application for Electrical or Plumbing Contractor Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0022B 40 02/12
  Application for Electrical Plan Approval     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0021E 50 10/12
  Application for Electrical Wiring Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0020E 84 10/11
  Application for Electrician / Plumber or Back Flow Prevention Tester's Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0011B 57 02/12
  Application for Elevator Contractor's / Elevator Mechanic's Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0023B 216KB 05/09
  Application for fire extinguisher licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0026B 59KB 03/11
  Application for Gas Business Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0012B 52 02/12
  Application for Gas Installation Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0013E 89 01/12
  Application for Gas Installation Plan Approval     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0024B 325 02/12
  Application for Plumbing Installation Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0019E 79 03/15
  Application for Power Engineer Examination / Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0014E 63 09/11
  Application for Sign Installation Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0027B 58 09/12
  Application for sign installer contractor/Sign installer or sign installer helper licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0025B 70KB 03/11
  Application for Steamfitter Pipefitter Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0015B 128 02/12
  Application for Welding Licence / Renewal of Welding Licence     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0016B 88 02/12
  Elevator Installation Permit Application     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0031E 632 06/14
  Registration Form for an Amusement Device     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0018B 183 03/04
  Testing and Inspection Report. Double Check Valve Assembly / Pressure Vacuum Breaker / Reduced Pressure Principle     CSS-FOL-SNB-78-0020B 560K 06/08
  Video Lottery Siteholders          
  Application for Registration as a Video Lottery Siteholder     CSS-FOL-78-9682E 79 06/09
  Application for Renewal of Registration as a Video Lottery Siteholder     CSS-FOL-78-9752-E 51KB 07/10
  Personal Disclosure Form     CSS-FOL-78-9684E 147 06/09
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  Dept Home Service New Brunswick
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Bill of Sale Template     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0047E 18kb 03/12
  Assessment / Property Tax          
  Application for Mobile/Mini Home Registration     CSS-FOL-SNB-62-1006B 89 4/01
  Application for Tax Benefit Under Assessment Reduction Program     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0004E 138 01/11
  Application/Declaration for Property Tax Allowance Package   N/A N/A N/A
  Notice of Application to Administrator for Residential Property Tax Credit Package   N/A N/A N/A
  Authenticated Client Services          
  Client Authentication - Part 1 - Client Registration     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0020b 161KB
  Client Authentication - Part 2 - Financial Officer Registration     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0021b 113k
  Client Authentication - Part 3 - Client Administrator Registration     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0022b 101k
  Client Authentication - Part 4 - Individual User Registration     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0023b 105k
  Client Authentication - Part 5 - Amendment     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0024b 92k
  Corporate Registry Forms          
  Business Corporations Act          
  (Provincial Corporation)          
  Form 1 - Articles of Incorporation
Additional Information Form
Package   CSS-FOL-45-4104 110 01/09
  Form 10 - Articles of Revival Package   CSS-FOL-45-5034B 70 01/09
  Form 11 - Articles of Dissolution Package   CSS-FOL-45-4120B 83 01/09
  Form 12 - Statement of Intent to Dissolve or Revocation of Intent to Dissolve     CSS-FOL-45-5037B 60 01/09
  Form 2 - Notice of Registered Office or Notice of Change of Registered Office     CSS-FOL-45-4105B 68 06/08
  Form 24.3 - Annual Return     CSS-FOL-45-3532B.pdf 22KB 01/10
  Form 3 - Articles of Amendment     CSS-FOL-45-5031B 30 01/09
  Form 4 - Notice of Directors or Notice of Change of Directors     CSS-FOL-45-4119B 101 06/08
  Form 5 - Restated Articles of Incorporation     CSS-FOL-45-4106B 83 01/09
  Form 6 - Articles of Amalgamation
Additional Information Form
    CSS-FOL-45-4107E 185 01/09
  Form 7 - Articles of Continuance
Additional Information Form
Package   CSS-FOL-45-4108E 102 01/09
  Form 8 - Articles of Arrangement     CSS-FOL-45-5035B 58 01/09
  Form 9 - Articles of Reorganization     CSS-FOL-45-5036B 59 01/09
  Selecting a Proposed Name     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0004B 177 02/13
  (Extra-Provincial Corporation)          
  Form 25 - Appointment of Attorney for Service or Change of Attorney for Service     CSS-FOL-45-3652B 84 06/08
  Form 25.1 -Consent to Act asAttorney for Service     CSS-FOL-45-3907B 108 08/08
  Form 26- Statement of Registration
Additional Information Form
Package   CSS-FOL-45-3653E 97 10/11
  Form 28 - Notice of Change of Principal Office in New Brunswick or Registered Office     CSS-FOL-45-3814B 84 06/08
  Form 29 - Notice of Change of Directors     CSS-FOL-45-3813B 168 06/08
  Form 30 - Statement of Amalgamation
Additional Information Form
    CSS-FOL-45-5038E 162 01/09
  Form 32.1 - Notice of Change of Name     CSS-FOL-45-3908B 23 01/10
  Form 33.1 - Annual Return     CSS-FOL-45-3529B 28 01/10
  Form 34 - Election of Anniversary Month     CSS-FOL-45-3911B 72 09/08
  Form 35 - Application of Reinstatement     CSS-FOL-45-3910B 73 01/09
  Form 37 - Notice of Continuance     CSS-FOL-45-3909B 70 08/08
  Companies Act          
  Application for a Supplementary Letters Patent under the Companies Act Package   CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0008B 295 09/02
  Form 35.1 - Annual Return     CSS-FOL-45-5030B 33 01/10
  Form 46 - Notice of Change of Head Office     CSS-FOL-45-5032B 13 09/08
  Form 47 - Notice of Change of Directors     CSS-FOL-45-5033B 50 09/08
  Incorporation of Not-for-Profit Company
Additional Information Form
Package   CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0007B 93 10/07
  Limited Partnership Act          
  Consent to Act as Attorney     CSS-FOL-45-5039B 83 06/08
  Form 1 - Declaration of Limited Partnership     CSS-FOL-45-5040B 54 05/09
  Form 2 - Declaration of Change of Limited Partnership or Extra-Provincial Limited Partnership     CSS-FOL-45-5041B 28 05/09
  Form 3 - Declaration of Dissolution of Limited Partnership     CSS-FOL-45-5042B 37 05/09
  Form 4 - Declaration of Extra-Provincial Limited Partnership     CSS-FOL-45-5043B 46 05/09
  Form 5 - Power of Attorney     CSS-FOL-45-5044B 17 11/09
  Form 6 - Declaration of Withdrawal Extra-Provincial Limited Partnership     CSS-FOL-45-5045B 33 05/09
  Partnerships and Business Names Registration Act          
  Form 1 - Certificate of Partnership or Certificate of Renewal of Partnership
Additional Information Form
Package   CSS-FOL-45-3498E 81 05/08
  Form 2 - Certificate of Change of Membership of Partnership     CSS-FOL-45-3499B 44 05/08
  Form 3 - Certificate of Change of Firm Name     CSS-FOL-45-3500B 29 05/08
  Form 4 - Certificate of Dissolution of Partnership     CSS-FOL-45-3501B 56 05/08
  Form 5 - Certificate of Business Name or Certificate of Renewal of Business Name
Additional Information Form
Package   CSS-FOL-45-3502E 78 05/08
  Form 6 - Certificate of Cessation of Business or Use of Business Name     CSS-FOL-45-3514B 29 05/08
  Form 7 - Certificate of Appointment or Change of Agent for Service     CSS-FOL-45-3512B 32 05/08
  Form 7.1 - Certificate of Designation Package   CSS-FOL-45-5064B 18 05/08
  Form 7.2 - Certificate of Cancellation of Designation Package   CSS-FOL-45-5066B 18 05/08
  Land Registry          
  Lot on Plan - Template     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0041E 113 N/A
  Metes & Bounds - Template     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0040E 108 N/A
  Request for Certificate of Assessment     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-0008B 84 N/A
  Office of the Rentalsman          
  Accommodation Inspection Report     CSS-FOL-45-3617E 326KB 03/08
  Application for the Return of the Security Deposit     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0102B 1214KB 09/08
  Final Notice to Vacate (The Residential Tenancies Act)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0064B 146KB 09/08
  Form 3 - Application to Rentalsman
NOTE: Please contact the office of the Rentalsman before issuing this form
    CSS-FOL-45-3628B 12KB 03/04
  Form 5 - Application to Rentalsman for Certificate (The Residential Tenancies Act)     CSS-FOL-45-3630B 134KB 06/08
  Form 6 - Standard Form of Lease (The Residential Tenancies Act)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0065E 791KB 10/03
  Form 7 - Request for Consent to Assign     CSS-FOL-45-3631B 12KB 03/04
  Form 8 - Notice of Transfer     CSS-FOL-45-3632B 71KB 06/08
  Landlord's Application for Assistance     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-7018B 471KB 03/10
  Notice of Complaint Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0113B 200KB 10/14
  Notice of Termination to Landlord     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0104B 107KB 09/08
  Notice of Termination to Tenant     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0103B 108KB 09/08
  Notice to Vacate (The Residential Tenancies Act)     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0063B 145KB 09/08
  Security Deposit Claim     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0101B 133KB 09/08
  Security Deposit Refund Agreement     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-7023B 356 N/A
  Security Deposit Remittance Form     CSS-FOL-SN-0008B 158 08/12
  Security Deposit Transfer Tenant to Tenant     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0001B 115KB 09/08
  Tenant's Application for Assistance     CSS-FOL-SNB-SN-7019B 506KB 10/25
  Electronic Funds Transfer Information          
  EFT Package for Landlords     CSS-FOL-SNB-45-0170E 386 09/12
  SNB Corporate Forms          
  Vital Statistics          
  Application for Birth Certificate     CSS-FOL-35-5246E 208 08/12
  Application for Marriage or Death Certificate Package Information CSS-FOL-35-2262B 233 08/12
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  Dept Home Social Development
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision-Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-55-0001E 324 08/12
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  Dept Home Supply and Services
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Request for Information     CSS-FOL-SNB-77-0002E 81 08/12
  Request to Correct Personal Information     CSS-FOL-SNB-77-0001E 67 08/12
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  Dept Home Tourism, Heritage and Culture
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Application Assessment Panel Nomination and Consent Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0029E.pdf 180KB 09/09
  Artist-In-Residency School Program Final Report     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0061E. 102 06/13
  Artist-In-Residency School Program Guidelines- for Teachers & Artists     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0062E 110 06/13
  Artist-In-Residency School Program-Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0081E 125 06/13
  Artist-In-Residency School Program-Call for Artists     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0082E 100 06/13
  Arts Festival Program - Application Form   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0033E 51 03/12
  Arts Festival Program-Final Report     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0075E 33 03/12
  Arts Organizations and Associations Professional Development     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0017E 117 06/13
  Book and Publishing Development Program Guidelines     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0025E 72KB 07/08
  Business and Professional Development Component For Music Industry Professionals Guidelines     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0074E 64 03/12
  Business and Professional Development Program for Music Industry Professionals Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0058E 78 03/12
  Business and Professional Development Program for Publishers     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0010E 263 02/06
  Call For Artists Compete in Nice,France September 6-15,2013     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0077E 944 05/12
  Juror Application and Consent Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0067E 67KB 11/11
  Literary Promotion Grant Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0026E 67KB 07/08
  Literary Translation Grant Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0027E 58KB 07/08
  Music Industry Development Program (MID) - Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0056E 219 03/12
  Music Industry Development Program (MID): Emerging Artist Component - Application     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0059E 69 10/12
  Music Industry Development Program Interim and Final Report Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0057E 125 03/12
  New Brunswick / Québec Cooperation Program Report on Subsidy Spending     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0065E 51 09/11
  New Brunswick Art Bank Acquisitions Program - Guidelines     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0064E 168 03/13
  New Brunswick Art Bank Acquisitions Program- Application form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0028E 200 03/13
  New Brunswick Multimedia Initiative - Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0068E 340 12-11
  Operational Grant Program Production/Presentation Arts Organization Componet     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0032E 81 02/11
  Operational Grant Program Service-Based Arts Organization Componet     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0031E 74 04/12
  Partnership Program for Community Cultural Activities - Application Form   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0021E.pdf 52 03/12
  Partnership Program For Community Cultural Activities-Final Report     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0076E 33 03/12
  Presentation by Invitation Program for Non-Professional Artists     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0006E 115 01/11
  Presentation by Invitation Program for Non-Professional Artists – Program Guidelines     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0024E 45 04/08
  Presenters Grants Program
New Brunswick Touring and Presenting Grants Program - Presenters' Component - Guidelines for 2010-2011
    CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0036E 87KB 07/10
  Program of Assistance for Book Publishers     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0009E 427 01/06
  Publishers and Periodicals Application Assessment Panel Nomination and Consent Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0030E 204KB 10/09
  Start-up Equipment Support Guidelines     CSS-FOL-19-0017E 18 01/10
  Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF) Grant Program Guidelines
SIF Letter of Offer
    CSS-FOL-SNB-61-0007E 35 03/12
  Touring Grants Program
New Brunswick Touring and Presenting Grants Program - Touring Component - Guidelines for 2010-2011
    CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0038E 80KB 07/10
  Heritage - Historic Places          
  Built Heritage Program
Built Heritage Program-Program Description
    CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0040E 72 04/13
  New Brunswick’s Property Tax Abatement - Program for Heritage Properties     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0041E 243KB 10/10
  Heritage – Archaeology/Palaeontology          
  Form 1 – Application for Archaeological Field Research Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0051E 147KB 11/10
  Form 2 – Application for Palaeontological Field Research Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0052E 148KB 11/10
  Form 3 – Application for Archaeological/Palaeontological Site Alteration Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0053E 171KB 11/10
  Form 4 – Application for Amateur Archaeologist Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0054E 140KB 11/10
  Form 5 – Application for Amateur Palaeontologist Permit     CSS-FOL-SNB-22-0055E 140KB 11/10
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  Dept Home Transportation and Infrastructure
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
  Application for a Closed Road Permit Package   CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0002E 44 04/08
  Application for a special permit to operate a semi-trailer having a wheelbase less than 6.25 M (Model years 2002 and earlier) (NC-SWT)     CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0017E 77 01/10
  Application For A Special Permit To Operate Axle(s) With Single Tires Having A Minimum Width Of 445 mm. NC-WT     CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0014E 40K 04/08
  Application For A Special Permit To Transport Truck-Tractor Units In "Saddlemount" Configuration (Piggyback) Up To A Maximum Of Four Units (Including Hauling Unit). NC-PB     CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0012E 73K 04/08
  Application for Advertising Permit Package   CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0001E 234 N/A
  Application for Capital Assistance-Vehicle Retrofitting Program Package Information CSS-FOL-40-9147E 177 07/12
  Application to increase the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of a highway     CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0016E 55KB 10/10
  Application to transport an indivisible oversize and/or overweight load - Quarterly or Annual Permit Package Information CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0004E 44 05/11
  Application to transport an indivisible oversize and/or overweight load - Single Trip Permit Package Information CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0005E 38 05/11
  Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0015E 38KB 08-12
  Large Building Move Application Form Package Information CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0003E 224 04/08
  Tourism Formatted Highway Advertisement Approval Form   Information CSS-FOL-SNB-40-0006E 35Kb 10/09
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  Dept Home Villages, Towns and Cities
Package Info Info Form Number File Size in Kb Revised Date
    Dept Home City of Bathurst
  Application for a Taxicab Driver's License
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CB-0002E 102 10/03
  Application for a Taxicab Owner's License
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CB-0003E 60 N/A
  Personal Appearance Request Form
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CB-0005E 36 N/A
  Poster Permit
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CB-0001E 27 N/A
  Pre-Authorized Payment Authorization Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-CB-0008E 80 N/A
    Dept Home City of Campbellton
  Application for Employment
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CC-0001B 108 N/A
  Application for Taxi Badge/Licence
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CC-0005B 53 N/A
  Application Form - Transient Trader/Peddlers Licenses
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CC-0002B 57 N/A
  Parking Meter Department - Complaint
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CC-0003B 44 N/A
  Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CC-0006E 112 N/A
  Request for Account Status forMunicipal Services
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CC-0004B 38 N/A
  Student Employment Form
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-CC-0007B 83 N/A
    Dept Home City of Dieppe
  Pre-Authorized Payment     CSS-FOL-SNB-DI-0001E 71 12/10
    Dept Home Town of Beresford
  Application for Employment
Form available in French only.
    CSS-FOL-SNB-BE-0002F 108 01/05
  Application for Summer Employment
Form available in French only.
    CSS-FOL-SNB-BE-0001F 108 N/A
    Dept Home Town of Rothesay
  Building Permit Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-TR-0003E 131 11/04
  Day Camp Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-TR-0001E 51 03/07
  Development Permit Application Form     CSS-FOL-SNB-TR-0002E 132 11/04
    Dept Home Town of Shediac
  Application for a Taxicab StandLicense
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-TS-0001E 95 N/A
  Application for an Owner's License
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-TS-0002E 108 N/A
  Application for Taxicab Operator'sLicense
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-TS-0003E 118 N/A
  Job Application
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-TS-0004B 34 N/A
    Dept Home Town of Woodstock
  Application for a Taxicab OwnerLicense
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-WS-0007E 76 N/A
  Application for Fund Raising Activities -Non-Profit Agencies
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-WS-0001E 39 N/A
  Application for Permanent Sign
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-WS-0002E 73 03/09
  Application for Taxi Operator'sLicense
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-WS-0006E 82 N/A
  Application Sanitary Sewer ServiceLateral
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-WS-0003E 70 N/A
  Application Water ServiceLateral
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-WS-0004E 107 N/A
  Building Permit Application
Send completed form to
    CSS-FOL-SNB-WS-0005E 91 03/09
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